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Virtualization and Cloud Computing

What’s the difference between Virtualization and Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing and VirtualizationVirtualization and Cloud Computing are two terms sometimes used interchangeably but are really very different things.

Virtualization simply means creating a computer environment that has traditionally existed on a dedicated piece of hardware (as an example, think… network server) and building it on a physical piece of equipment that has multiple purposes (think… multiple servers in one box). The actual hardware can reside on-site or in a remote data center.

Cloud Computing, on the other hand, means that your applications and/or your data reside at a remote site and are accessed by you via a secure Internet connection. Online backup solutions are an example of Cloud Computing.

As a certified VMware Service Provider, AtNetPlus can help you determine which solutions work best in your environment. Whether you are looking for server consolidation, desktop capabilities or a cost effective way to retire old hardware we have an affordable solution that will meet your needs.



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