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Domain Hosting

All of your efforts to promote your website are paying off. Customers are starting to use your website on a regular basis. Your domain name is coming up near the top of the search engines. You have finally found the right combination of pay-per-click keywords that are converting clicks into customers.

You happily wrote a check for your domain name renewal fee last week. It’s a small price to pay for one of your company’s most valuable assets. Today, one of your best customers calls to say that they can’t get on your website. You type in the URL and are shocked to see that someone else has taken over your domain name.

Surprise! The invoice you paid that looked like a renewal of your domain name was really transferring ownership to an unscrupulous domain registration company. If you can get it back, it’s going to cost you hundreds of dollars, maybe more.

Your domain name is too valuable to take chances with it. Domain hosting with AtNetPlus is comparable to what you are currently using except that we will manage it for you. We will reserve it, renew it, move it, host it, alias it, and protect it. Keep secure with AtNetHost services.

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