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What we can learn from Paintball Games

Recently, AtNetPlus hosted a picnic.  It wasn’t the typical company picnic, but was it a lot of fun – we played paintball. We started by playing a few games of traditional paintball. Teams take sides, hide behind barriers and try to eliminate each other from the game by shooting their opponents. When members of only one team remain on the field – they won.  After a few games, we wanted to mix it up a bit. The owner of the facility recommended a game called “Revolutionary War.”

Picture all of the shows you’ve ever seen with fighting between the British and the Americans.  Typically the Red Coats would stand in a line on one side of the battlefield while the Patriots stood facing them on the other side. Both would open fire as they advanced toward one another and both sides were completely exposed. The side with the better aim and steadiest nerves often won these face-offs.

“Revolutionary War,” the paintball game, was very similar. Teams stood in lines facing each other. After both sides had fired a round, the teams would take a giant step closer together. Each step made your opponent easier to hit. Once hit, that player is out of the game.

It was a lot of fun, but also very scary. Your fate rested in the hands of the opposing team’s shooting skills. Fortunately, rented paintball guns are not very accurate and we went a few rounds without anyone being hit. Unfortunately, the closer we got to each other, the odds that you would be hit increased and the game became much scarier. It’s hard to imagine what it must have felt like to be in a real battle with lethal ammo.

Think of the players in a paintball game like a computer, and the paintballs themselves as viruses. Without any protection (barriers and hiding locations), it is much easier to hit the targets with paintballs and take them out of the game. The barriers act as protection, just as AntiVirus, Firewalls, and Web Filters act as protection for computers from the threat of viruses and malware.

We don’t want your business to be caught in this security battle without full protection. An AntiVirus program is a good first line of defense but Firewalls and Web Filters make you a much harder target to hit. If you want to know more about adding these tools to your defenses, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss these and other security measures you can take to protect these valuable business assets.

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