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The Hazards of Tape Backups

Imagine walking into your business tomorrow morning only to discover your server has crashed.  “No worries” you think to yourself, “we back up our server on the tapes every night.”  Unfortunately, when you try to recover data from your tapes you discover they have become old and unusable.


Investing in an online backup solution can seem to be a more costly option per megabyte of storage when compared to using tapes.  The difference is the reliability of the backup when the moment strikes and the backup is needed to restore your entire business; it could be the difference to keep you from going out-of-business.  It’s also important to get your business back up and running quickly.  Restoring from a server failure would most likely take several days to potentially weeks to restore.  Not to mention the labor costs to re-build the environment.


We often see clients using the tape backup option run into trouble. They thought they were backing up every night, and were even getting a verification of the backup, but when the server drives failed, they learned that the old, worn out tapes had not been backing up their server for months.  Unfortunately, these clients have had to pay a lot of money to send their hard drives to recovery experts with the hope that the data can be restored.  For clients we manage, we take an image of their entire system allowing them to recover their business in a matter of hours rather than days or even weeks.  Local file restores also are performed to test data integrity of the backups.


Imagine your business suddenly without your client list, inventory levels, payroll information… anything.  It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to maintain your business. Statics show that 70% of small businesses that suffer a major data loss are out of business within eighteen months.


Visit www.stayopenforbusiness.com and watch Bob discover the many pitfalls awaiting any small business without a reliable backup and a disaster recovery plan.

Jay Interview in Crain’s Cleveland Business

Security awareness is popping up everywhere. Recently Jay Mellon, CEO of AtNetPlus, was interviewed for a couple of articles about Security Awareness in Crain’s Cleveland Business.

To read the articles:

Hackers are getting smarter, which means businesses must be more vigilant, experts say

‘Cal’ and friends seem to have a lot in common

2014 – Technology to Embrace or Leave Behind.

2014 embrace or leave behind (5)

The Technology to leave in 2013

  • CD-Roms – Software, music, movies, and more are now being streamed and downloaded. Many laptops today do not include an optical drive.
  • Cloud-Less Network – Whether you have an onsite server or not, some connectivity to the cloud is beneficial. At a minimum you’ll want cloud backup capabilities.
  • Windows XP – Coming April 21st, 2014 Windows XP will reach its ‘end of life’ which means no updates and no security.
  • Complacency – In the fast evolving tech world being complacent can be costly and give your competitors a competition edge.

Technology to Embrace in 2014

  • The cloud – Store and access data from anywhere.
  • Office 365/Google Apps for Business – And other tools to Improve communication, efficiency, and collaboration in the office.
  • Big Data – Will bring businesses of any size insights that they never thought imaginable.
  • Mobility – Completely reliant hardwired connections and desktops are on the decline. Having your work and information accessible on the go is a must. More and more people expect to be able to work from anywhere.
  • Touch interface – Windows 8.1 and the touch interface improve usability while traveling
  • Enterprise Social – The tools for collaboration and communication with in a business. These programs can range from internal social media to instant message services.

This year will should be full of a lot of interesting innovations for business Technology, tell us in our poll below what you are looking forward to he most.

Social Media and television integration is a trend to watch for in 2014

Social Media and television integration is a trend to watch for in 2014

Over the last couple of years we have seen more and more TV shows broadcasting live tweets or asking you to follow them on twitter. Learn more about this trend: The New Take on TV and Social Media Integration

Sony has embraced this trend and integrated it into their new Sony Bravia TV. Learn more about enhancing your TV viewing experience with Twitter

New Year’s Resolution: Get a Disaster Recovery Plan

Having a disaster recovery plan can mean the difference between staying in business and… not.

Here is just some of the information that is crucial to the survival of your business should disaster strike:

  • Sales records (contracts, purchase orders, customer information)
  • Accounting records (receivables and payables)
  • Bank records (account information)
  • Employee information (contact information, payroll records, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements)
  • Vendor information

If you’re  thinking “nothing bad will happen to me.” Check out these eye-opening stats  (click image for larger view).

Natural disastersm

For more information go to http://www.stayopenforbusiness.com.  Watch as Bob faces many of the same disasters that others have experienced and a few that… well, watch and see!

Important reminder: Windows XP and Office 2003 reaching end-of-support.

We’ve begun to countdown the last months before Microsoft ends support for Windows XP® and Office 2003®. It happens April 8th, 2014 and it’s critical that you update the Operating System and Office applications on all computers connecting to your network (including home computers) before the deadline. Although your computer(s) will continue to run, the security risks are substantial.  After that date, not only will your computer network be at risk but you could put everyone that connects or shares information with you at risk as well. It’s a big enough concern that some larger organizations are requiring compliance before they will continue to do business with you.

End of support means Microsoft will stop releasing security patches for Windows XP and Office 2003. Without patching, the exploitation of security vulnerabilities will go unchecked. Keep in mind, Windows XP was developed for a very different time in the evolution of technology. It wasn’t designed for today’s wireless and mobile world. Many experts think that attackers are already planning a series of attacks that will launch when XP reaches its’ end of life. In addition, companies that developed and released software and drivers for XP are no longer updating existing programs or writing new applications for it.

Not only is the end of support date a Pandora’s Box for security threats, it could also legally affect your company. Currently, forty-six states have data protection laws. Using out-of-date software with so many vulnerabilities could mark your company as non-compliant and result in costly litigation and penalties.

Upgrading and deploying new software takes time. You will need to move applications and data, and also make sure that they all function properly on the new version of Windows. It may even require that you purchase a new computer.  If you haven’t started the process to switch yet, now is a perfect time to begin so your company can meet the April 8th deadline.

In the end, using Windows XP or Office 2003 past this date is a liability to your company. If you have any questions or need help devising a plan to migrate your business to newer versions of Windows and Office contact us at 330-945-5685. We can help.

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